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Gender equality, woman’s empowerment and awareness of global women’s issues have always been an area of interest, concern and a space for new conversations and ideas. Today, this space for women’s issues on an international stage is wider than ever, and the voices contributing positively are only growing. We too would like to be a part of this change and in the process welcome Calgary, and its rich community of progressive youth and adults from all walks of life to be a part of this strengthening voice. It is with great care and consideration then that we have created Sheelaya Society, a new non profit organization based in Calgary with roots that stretch to India. We would like to manifest ideals, shift paradigms and ultimately grow into a visible body of change and action with time and effort.

We began developing Sheelaya Society with a vision for international gender development in mind, and it comes from a place that is a combination of our cultural foundation, academic background, interests and future goals. Sheelaya Society is dedicated to raising awareness on existing gender issues in India, and wider Asia while also establishing a new feminist narrative that can thrive in the 21st century for everyone.

The conversation about women’s rights is an on-going one, and it is important to not only re-examine it in the modern era under a new lens, but also not forget that there are still millions of girls and women fighting for their rights globally. We want this organization to be able to make a mark in this global arena, and most importantly be a vehicle of progressive dialogue regarding gender, culture, sexuality and education. We want Sheelaya to open up a space of discussion and consciousness regarding the topics traced over in this introduction and ultimately educate its members, evolve as a body, and change society in the process

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